Friday Favorites: March 7th

1. Its MARCH.

FFvs 3.7.14That means we’re a LIIIIITTLE bit closer to spring.  In other news, I’m pretty sure I’ve been ovecome with spring fever (can you take off work for that?) and the result is extreme giddiness.  Also it’s going to be 49 whole degrees out tomorrow and I get to go romp around with the boy OUTSIDE!  IN FRESH AIR!

I’m pretty excited.  Can you tell?

2. One of my favorite food holidays of forever is coming!

FFvs 3.7.14

Yes, I know this isn’t a picture of food. But the cool kids get it and probably know what the rest of this section is about now.

You may recall that I’m temporarily going off the veg-wagon for vacation reasons.  But the best part of it is that I realized I’d be able to eat my heart out on probably the one day of the year that I truly love to.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be celebrating on the 15th rather than the 17th, so that my dad can eat dinner with us for once but the menu will be sticking with the classics: corned beef (which I’ll be sharing our recipe for– trust me when I tell you to finish it on the grill, you’ll be much happier with your life), cabbage, potatoes, and Guinness & cheese-laden soda bread.

Plus lots of whiskey.  And maybe some carbomb cupcakes.  I dunno, didn’t print the recipe for those out again the other day.




If you live in New England, you probably get me on this one.  Yuengling is probably the best American-style lager out there (IMO), with bonus points for being the oldest American brewery and still being American-owned.  Its also still owned and operated by the Yuengling family.  They’re also complete badasses who sold ice cream during Prohibition because they obviously couldn’t sell beer.  ..and then promptly delivered a case to the White House as soon as the law was repealed, which is a little fishy but definitely adds badassery points.

But for whatever reason (“distribution issues”..yes, sure) its impossible to get east of New York.  Which, if you ask most New Englanders who have had it, is completely ludicrous.  (I mean, we’ve all become master beer smugglers as a result, but whatever.)

NO MORE.  (Sort of.)

Yuengling is now distributing to Massachusetts– the very state that, as luck would have it, I live about five minutes away from the border from.  I can have this stuff pretty much whenever I want, now.

Trust me.  You’re jealous.  (But you’re also welcome to stop by for a drink if you promise to play nice!)

Special after-draft add-in– a THOUSAND thank yous to the people who come to Planet Fitness in East Granby.  I don’t know the names of anyone who stopped to help me today but I see you all every day and I cannot, cannot thank you enough for your help this morning.