Friday Favorites: February 21st

Guys, its raining and its sort of warm out (and by sort of I mean it was like 36 degrees on my way to the gym this morning).

I’m over the moon.

Here’s some other stuff I was pretty into this week.


FFvs 2.21.14 - FrozenYeah, I get it, I’m late to the party.  PS, I give zero fucks.  This was the most precious of things.  <feelings>.  Before this my favorite of the “new” Disney movies was Tangled; after an hour long gush-fest about how Elsa and I are SOUL TWINS, my bestie S asked if I liked Frozen better.

I didn’t know how to answer.  It felt blasphemous, but…I think I sort of do.

A Gentleman is talking me into cosplaying it.  I’m not looking forward to making that train, but motherfuck will I do it.  SOUL TWINS, I’m telling you.

True Detective

FFvs 2.21.14 True DetectiveYEAH I KNOW I’M BEHIND THE POP CULTURE EIGHT BALL.  See above comments about the number of fucks given.  This show is awesome.  Find a friend with HBO and get on that shit.

Or, you know.  Piracy is a thing that you could also do if you were so inclined.  Yar.

Pulling your spring coat out of the closet and finding money AND lipstick you’d thought you’d lost

This happened this morning.  Fuck YES.

And this darling little wax paper envelope.

FFvs 2.21.14 MakersThe contents of which you’ll find out more about next week.

Happy Friday, darlings!  Hope the snow’s melting down where y’all are as well, if you’ve got it.

(Short and horrible post brought to you by the fact that I feel like crap.  Sorry!)