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Unwrapping…Ipsy February 2014

I started subscribing to ipsy in college.  It was kind of my gateway subscription, I think.  And then after about five or six months, I cancelled.


Because how many motherfucking hooker-red lip glosses does a person actually need?  I don’t even like lip gloss.  Its sticky and gross.  I haven’t been in the habit of wearing it since about the seventh grade.  Unhelpful product overload is overload.

On a lark I resubscribed this year.  And so far…four for you, ipsy, you go ipsy.  Not a hooker-red lip gloss in sight.  Keep up this color variety, folks, and I might keep giving you my monies.

And now after that rant..the February roundup!

POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini

Ipsy Feb 14 - POP gloss

See also: my February Birchbox review for how jazzed I am to be getting samples of things that I’ve actually been wanting to try.  Quite a few of the beauty blogs I follow have been raving about this stuff, from how it’s crazy long lasting for a gloss to the fact that the tube is this weird little almost-flat shape that would probably fit into the pockets of those jeans I have with super tiny pockets (as pointed out by the Gentleman, who noted that he can fit two fingers in each, and that’s all.  I’m not sure how this information will ever be relevant, but that’s neither here nor there).

I’ve yet to do the pocket test, since those jeans aren’t exactly work-approved, but I can definitely say that this stuff lasts longer than any other lip gloss I’ve ever come across.

Bonus: its not particularly sticky, and the color I got (“Peony Petal”) is decidedly not hooker-red.

Zoya Nail Polish

Ipsy Feb 14 - Zoya polish

I like this color a lot better on my fingers than I do in the bottle– when I started painting I was expecting a lot paler pigmentation.  But with a second coat it dried to a nice soft pale pink.

Sort of like a baby pig, actually.  Which is a horrible color comparison but whatever, that’s what it looks like.  Its cute, I promise.

The polish itself is a liiittle bit streaky, and I only just did them this morning so I can’t say how long lasting it’ll be.  But I’m optimistic.

City Color Be Matte Blush

Ipsy Feb 14 - Be Matte

Normally I’m not much of a blush person (I’ve spent 22 years loving my pale skin, and I’m pretty content to rock it rouge-less from here on out) but this one, I’m actually pretty okay with.  It blends well, which I think helps a lot, and the pink is again a very soft color once it hits your skin (though it does look a bit bright in the picture).  Approve.

Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow & Base In One

Ipsy Feb 14 - Eyetini

Yeah, that’s eyeshadow.  Promise.

These Tini people are a little silly, and I’m mostly okay with it.  Ipsy likes to pop Nailtini stuff in from time to time– I have a killer gold glitter from them from my first round with Ipsy, and a red that could just maybe rival my current go-to (but it won’t, because Head Mistress is the best color ever for a rich red polish and Essie, your naming team deserves an award).  I’ve always been pretty satisfied with the Tini stuff I get, so I was pretty game to give this weird shadow a try.

The applicator is..pretty much a lip gloss applicator, which is really weird and I’m pretty sure the lady on the other side of the mirror at the gym was giving me “what the hell is she doing” looks.  But the shadow itself is pretty solid– there’s primer in the formula, apparently, so the pigment comes through pretty strong and it seems to hold up well.  Plus I’m pretty into the shade.

IPKN NY Moist & Firm BB

Ipsy Feb 14 - BB be fair, I only hated this sample because the shade was COMPLETELY awful.  It went on almost yellow.  What?  Not cool, guys.  I couldn’t even get it to blend in to something decent.  First time I’ve ever just said “fuck it” and thrown a sample out.

Overall: pretty pleased with this month’s bag, above BB cream aside.  Definitely an improvement on previous bags I could mention.