What does the Stomach Say?

Right now, the answer is “blech”, or one of its variant forms.  I don’t even want to drink my coffee, and now its two hours old and probably freezing and this is just– well, pretty much a travesty.

But since its my own fault I can’t really complain– I can just gripe a little, explain, and get on to the sort of good part.

I might’ve mentioned this before, but: my bestie and I are going to New Orleans in April to celebrate our own awesomeness/my birthday and mostly because we can.  SUPER excited.  Most of our conversations somehow make it back to NOLA these days, and inevitably end with both of us squeeing into a text message.  And I know I COULD go through an entire four-day stint in Louisiana and not eat any meat, but…

….that just doesn’t seem right to me.

And so, after many months now of proud veg livin’, I’m breaking down and starting on the road to meat eating.  (Temporarily.)  This morning was foray one, which is why my stomach is grumbling, but I have a month and a half so I THINK I can make it happen.  Especially because my stomach is usually a trooper.

Ready for the fun part?

Even though I’ll still be eating mostly meatless, this leaves room for me to post recipes with meat.  YES!  MEAT!

And it also means I can eat corned beef on St Patricks day.  (Which is AWESOME.)

Sound off in the comments!  Veg folk, have you ever had a reason to bring meat back?  Veg and non alike, what would you be craving if you were in my shoes?


Friday Favorites: February 21st

Guys, its raining and its sort of warm out (and by sort of I mean it was like 36 degrees on my way to the gym this morning).

I’m over the moon.

Here’s some other stuff I was pretty into this week.


FFvs 2.21.14 - FrozenYeah, I get it, I’m late to the party.  PS, I give zero fucks.  This was the most precious of things.  <feelings>.  Before this my favorite of the “new” Disney movies was Tangled; after an hour long gush-fest about how Elsa and I are SOUL TWINS, my bestie S asked if I liked Frozen better.

I didn’t know how to answer.  It felt blasphemous, but…I think I sort of do.

A Gentleman is talking me into cosplaying it.  I’m not looking forward to making that train, but motherfuck will I do it.  SOUL TWINS, I’m telling you.

True Detective

FFvs 2.21.14 True DetectiveYEAH I KNOW I’M BEHIND THE POP CULTURE EIGHT BALL.  See above comments about the number of fucks given.  This show is awesome.  Find a friend with HBO and get on that shit.

Or, you know.  Piracy is a thing that you could also do if you were so inclined.  Yar.

Pulling your spring coat out of the closet and finding money AND lipstick you’d thought you’d lost

This happened this morning.  Fuck YES.

And this darling little wax paper envelope.

FFvs 2.21.14 MakersThe contents of which you’ll find out more about next week.

Happy Friday, darlings!  Hope the snow’s melting down where y’all are as well, if you’ve got it.

(Short and horrible post brought to you by the fact that I feel like crap.  Sorry!)

Hey! Where’d she go?

So yeah, I’ve been sucking on the post count the last week or so.

(Weirdly enough people have still been stopping in to like and follow and comment, which, awesome?  I’m pretty happy that y’all keep coming by, just sayin’.)

Its been a crazy week.  Work has been nuts, for starters, and life in the venue of Other Things hasn’t exactly been quiet, either.  Things that have fallen off the edge of the map: sleeping, getting in my usual amount of gym-time, and also blogging.  That one was the first casualty.

Life happens, I guess.  And what are you going to do about it, really?

GIF - dumbles


So sad.  I ran for the first time in, like, two weeks this morning.  (And it was a pitiful run, ugh, but it was so awesome.  My legs were just down there pretty much shouting “yes, Mistress Bee!  We have missed this.  Thank you for granting us use, we are forever grateful.”)

(No, my legs cannot actually talk.  Don’t be ridiculous.)

Anyway.  That not blogging thing?  I promise that’s going to stop.

Pinky swear.

Please contain your excitement.

Or don't.  I won't tell.

Or don’t. I won’t tell.

Twenty-Two Things

To kick off my new entry into the blogoverse, here: have twenty-two facts about your blog host.  The first three don’t count: my name is Bee, I’m 22, and I’m from Connecticut.

Now, the (maybe) jucier stuff.

1. I have five six tattoos and eight piercings, formerly twelve.
2. I am a vegetarian.
 Not a super strict one, though.  I’m pretty sure without eggs and Greek yogurt I would be in some seriously deep shit with regard to protein intake.
3. But my family raises animals for meat! Which is why I actually used to be an incredibly annoying person around vegetarians, but just the holier-than-thou ones.  I still have no problem with meat-eaters, or even cooking meat.  I just don’t eat it because of health and reasons.
4. My favorite colors are blue, red, and green.
5. I’m hopelessly addicted to crossword puzzles.
 And sudoku puzzles.  And really just all sorts of brain puzzles.
6. I have a BA in English.  I started out as a psychology major, quickly realized that I would be spending the remainder of my undergrad self-diagnosing, and switched after my first semester.
7. I have a full time job. And a 401K.  It’s simultaneously really weird and incredibly awesome.
8. I am That Girl who loves craft beer and bourbon.  
Stay classy, my friends.
9. I am a huge nerd.  
See my tumblr for proof if you don’t believe me.
10. My heritage is a mix of Irish, Scottish, and Italian.  
In other news, I am the palest Italian on the planet.
11. I have body image issues.  
I mean who doesn’t these days but they got bad and maybe one day I’ll tell you about it.  That day is not today.
12. Right now, I’m binge-watching while I write.  
I’m not telling you what.  
13. I actually sometimes listen to what Gwyneth Paltrow has to say.  
I maybe also have her cookbook.  Girl has some pretty good recipes, and I swear she’s not as nuts as she sometimes sounds.
14. I am a coffee addict.  
We’re working on it.
15. I’m a brunette.  
But I’ve been ginger for extended periods of time, and briefly went bubblegum pink in college.
16. I am on the fast-track to being a superb granny.  
I knit.  I bake.  I cross stitch.  My grandkids are going to have it made.
17. I sometimes wish I could get away with speaking only in movie quotes and Taylor Swift lyrics.  
Pretty sure that would cover 80% of what I have to say most of the time.
18. When I was a kid, I really, really, really wanted to be a librarian.  
That dream came true when I was fifteen, and again at nineteen.  It was awesome.
19. I hate Subarus.  
They’re awful and all deserve to burn.  (Sorry, Subaru owners.  I’m sure you’re all very nice people.)
20. Strawberries and chocolate are my two favorite food-things.  
Take note.  There will be a quiz.
21. I have never met a vegetable I didn’t like.  
Try me.
22. I am terrible at talking about myself.
  Can you tell?