Hey!  Thanks for stopping in.  I’m Bee, and this is my blog universe (because I am starting fresh for 2014 and the world beyond).

I’m a twentysomething New Englander, and I like a lot of stuff.  I won’t even bore you with half of the stuff I like; if you’re really that curious, head on over to my tumblr and you can learn all about the random-ass crap that fills my brain 80% of the time.  As for the rest of it, the sane stuff that I can actually write about without sounding like a total nutjob– well, that’s what this blog is here for.

Is it going to be eclectic?  You bet your ass it is.  I didn’t want to limit myself to writing about JUST food or JUST fitness or JUST the random-ass shit that pops into my head, because what if I write a huge post one day about how fucking killer my run was that morning but the next day I want to talk about planning my upcoming trip to NOLA or the fantastic dress I picked up for twelve bucks or how Traveler makes the best goddamn shandys that I have ever had the pleasure of pouring down my throat?

To define is to limit.  And I don’t like limits, any more than Wilde did.  I’m greedy, and I want to be able to write about it all.  I want to write about my health crap and how it saved me from a pretty awful demise.  I want to inspire other people to do what they’re afraid they can’t, and I want this to be something that breaks down my excuses to do what I’m afraid I can’t.  I want to share with the world all the little tidbits in my head, the things that I’m loving, the projects I’m making.

I want the whole sticky mess.  And I hope you’ll stick around.

Want to know some more random shit about me?  Check out my twenty-two things.


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