Friday Favorites: February 14th

Happy V-Day/Singles Awareness Day!

But more importantly happy Friday, because fuck all the rest of it.  I gave myself chocolate this morning.  It was awesome.  And this, my friends, is my entire contribution to Valentines’ Day.

What have I been diggin’ this week?  Let me tell you.

Eric Church – the Outsiders

FFvs 2.14 - OutsidersY’all might’ve noticed that I kinda like country music.  Maybe a little bit.  The first single from this damn album dropped like last October, and I’ve been gagging for the rest of it since then.  Thankfully the rest of the album came out on Tuesday; true story, one of the morning jockeys on the station I listen to is a CRAZY Church fan, so he dubbed the day Churchmas and was having problems keeping it together when they ran the entire album.  (Cool it, Broadway.  Go take a cold shower.)

EC’s pretty grungy for a country artist– more along the lines of classic southern rock than a lot of the kind of poppy stuff coming out now (I know that includes Luke but ZIP IT, I’m still going to listen to him).  The Outsiders is no different.  Its been a pretty nice background for the week I’ve had, so its basically been my soundtrack since I got home from work Tuesday and downloaded it.

Really, Really Punchy Red Lips

Trust me, this is the best red lipstick you will ever smear on your face.  Bonus: this is a real ad, and they're still making this shade.

Trust me, this is the best red lipstick you will ever smear on your face. Bonus: this is a real ad, and they’re still making this shade.

Fun Fact: most of the east coast is getting punched in the face by snow right now, and its kind of putting me in a funk.  I am really, really sick of winter and I just want to think bright happy thoughts about sunshine and sitting in my goddamn Adirondack chair on my damn front lawn with a book and a Porch Rocker.  But since we’re not quite there yet, meet my second-best option.

Punchy lipcolor just makes me feel better.  Especially when everything else is so “blah” out.  See above for reference on the kind of red I’m talking about, because I am in no mood for snapping selfies of my own right now.

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

FFvs 2.14 - the Help
Am I super behind the times on this?  Yes.  Do I care?  You had better fucking believe I don’t.  This is one of those rare cases where everyone tells you that you should read something because its just SO GREAT that you get yourself so amped on recommendations and decide they’ve all oversold the book so you decide not to read it– but then one day you start and its actually just as good as they’d said.

Maybe that’s a problem that’s unique to me.  I don’t know.  But whatever, I’m really digging this book.  Its a book club pick that I actually grudgingly voted for because I’d decided it might be time to give it a half a chance.  Good move, B!  I’m about 50 pages in and its reminding me so much of one of my favorite books of last year, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.  Moral of the story is that I should stop forgetting I like Southern fiction and just read all of it, all the time, and inevitably start calling everyone darlin’ (already started) and blessing all their sweet little hearts.

Now for the nerdy pick of the week:


FFvs 2.14 - SWTOR

In case anyone was still doubting my nerd chops, here you go.  Yes, I have been sucking up my evenings playing a MMO Star Wars game.  And you know what?  Its awesome.  I’m playing right now as a bad-ass Sith assassin with a double bladed lightsaber and literally no fucks to give.  She will mess you up.

So while y’all are out having high expectations of dream dates and red roses, I’ll be curled up at home kicking Sith-ass and taking Sith-names.  And I’m perfectly fine with that turn of events.

XOXO and happy 14th, all!


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